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Jump starter

Having a jump starter with you at all times while you are Outdoor and Driving is a good idea. After all, no one wants to get stuck on the road with no immediate way of getting going again

A very Powerful, compact and lightweight,12-volt car battery jump starter and power bank, it’s so compact and lightweight that you will be able to store it in one of your door pockets.  This is a very convenient piece of emergency equipment that has the power to jump start your car along with additional features that will come in very handy when you need them. 

Powerful 12000mAh battery capacity and USB2.0 to charge portable electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets

Built-in LED flashlight, has an SOS signal

Charger included recharging the Jump Starter

Fully recharges quickly in about 5 hours.


Overload and Short Circuit protection, Low-voltage and over-voltage protection, Reverse Polarity protection and Large Current protection.

PRICE (QR) - 350/- only