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JumpStarter n Aircompr

This Battery Jump Starter will be your lifesaver! Keep the battery jumper with air compressor on hand to handle roadside emergencies.

1.    With 8000Mah jump starter to let you start up your vehicle's battery.

2.    It also has a work light for security while connecting wires. 

3.    The air pump with 260psi can be used to fill up tires in minutes. 

4.    This jumper even has a 5vUSB port that allows you to power up your music player, cell phone and much more. 

5.    With AC/DC Inverter.

6.    12v DC output You can charge this portable battery jumper on the go via your car's lighter socket with the DC adapter that's included. 

With battery status indicator and overload and short circuit protection for added peace of mind

PRICE (QR) - 600/- only